Will the show be posted to YouTube?
Eventually! We're tentatively looking at a late 2016, early 2017 YouTube premiere.

Will there be a cast recording released on iTunes?
Yes! We're working on making that happen, but a release date is TBD.

Where are my Kickstarter rewards?
Now that we're done mounting the show, we're working on getting all of our Kickstarter backers their rewards. We'll send out a Kickstarter backer update with a more concrete timeline once we know it.

What if I'm having an issue with my digital ticket/show rental?
The digital tickets are being fulfilled by our partners over at VHX, so if you're having any issues, they can help you out! (Check the knowledge base or click Contact in the upper right hand corner!). If you haven't received your Digital Ticket, please double check your junk email folder for an email from VHX. After you receive it, you'll have 72 hours from when you start SPIES ARE FOREVER to finish before it self-destructs.